Healing Made Simple

I recently listened to a podcast in which Dr. Zach Bush, an MD specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care, was interviewed.  The subject was healing the mind, body, & spirit, and Dr. Bush, who is also well-versed on the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, addressed it with his typical wide and deep approach.  He began the discussion with the attention-grabbing statement we have made a decision in Western civilization to outsource life because we are lazy and seeking convenience. Rather than getting up early to work our crops, we’d rather purchase those that have been grown by someone else and shipped to our local market.  We find it easier to pop a pill than to go for a swim or a long walk.  And why should we cook with so many options for take-out and frozen pizza? 

In line with the philosophy of this blogsite, Dr. Bush sets forth we are the result of soil, water, air, and the sunlight that animates it.  Therefore, the importance of clean eating, proper hydration, and time outdoors cannot be overemphasized.  Choosing seasonal, local, organic (or at least non-GMO) food is the most healing way to eat.  (Preparing meals from the organic veggies you’ve gardened is the pinnacle!)  Staying on top of your hydration needs is crucial since our body composition is about 2/3 water and each one of our billions of cellular processes requires it.  And time outside with trees, birds, breezes, and other natural sights, sounds, & scents provides joy and healing in abundance.  

In this and other interviews, I’ve heard the good doctor talk about the human immune system.  He says it’s not the war machine that many of us have been taught to believe. On his website, he writes the innate immune system is not fighting against nature, it’s an intelligent, dynamic, living mechanism connecting us to nature and keeping us in a balanced relationship with nature by promoting biodiversity— not eliminating it.  This explains, at least in part, why the diversity of gut microbes is so important.  This diversification can be driven by consistently trying new, healthy foods and limiting or avoiding things like alcohol and antibiotics. Additionally, visiting differing ecosystems, from the beach to a rainforest, river, desert, or waterfall, helps. Simply breathing the air in these varied natural environments brings new, healthy microbes into the body.

When asked which diet he thought was most beneficial for healing, Dr. Bush made a general recommendation of eating lower on the food chain, not just for the benefit of human health but also the health of the planet.  This suggestion points us toward eating more plants.  Plants often contribute to healing existing problems in the body.  And they absorb carbon and usually require less water and energy to grow as compared to most animal products that have a large carbon footprint. (Even if you are carnivorous, his advice to eat lower on the food chain applies to meats and seafood, as well.)

The interview was quite lengthy and covered a lot of ground, but in my opinion, Dr. Bush summed it up with the following statement: We are only as healthy as our connection to Nature. Seeking ease and convenience by outsourcing life short-changes our earthly experience, leaving our health lacking.  Strengthening the ties to our Primal Mother can be healing on every level.

Blessings for Simple Healing,


The content of this article is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with a qualified health care professional before acting on any information presented herein. Any statements about the possible health benefits of any subject discussed have not been evaluated by medical professionals or the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.

77 thoughts on “Healing Made Simple

      1. oh lord I think i got it maybe.. did I not respond? Everything ends up there these days. literally everyday I’m digging someone out. 😂. thanks a lot. I just liked what you said here … i know you are always here Lisa …never a worry. 💖

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  1. I really liked that first quote, “we have made a decision in Western civilization to outsource life because we are lazy and seeking convenience., and the first photo. I’m glad I don’t have to just eat from my organic garden because although I dried lots of parsley from my plant, had lots of delicious romaine, and some tasty cherry tomatoes, that’s it for this year. 😉. But I know what you meant.

    Enjoy the weekend! I’m enjoying grandson and oceanside time now. 😘

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    1. Hi, Neil, your comment made me think of time in my grandmother’s backyard many years ago, surrounded by rich grass, clover, birds and butterflies. Birdsong is in fact healing. It reduces stress by 30% more than silence or a meditation app. Interesting, huh? Thanks for your visit! 🌞

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  2. This post vividly explains in my opinion why the best way to combat COVID exposure for oneself is by grating one’s immune system with utmost attention to nature’s calling. Right now, I seem to be accomplishing this task well as My wife and I travel slowly along the pristine shorelines of Pacific coast California.

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    1. Sounds divine! Agreed, the best way to protect yourself from covid is to take good care of your immune system. Dr. Bush says that we have viruses numbering 10 to the 15th power inside us, and outside us, they number 10 to the 31st power. That’s a whole lot of viral activity going on at all times! Providing our internal viruses with a healthy environment enables them to interact with external ones intelligently & without causing illness. Thanks for your input! 🌞

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      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulSis 🙏🏿 🤗 ☺️ 😊 🙌 😀 🙏🏿


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    1. Hi, Shaunelius, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the post. I am doing really well, thanks for asking! I was away for a few weeks for various reasons, one of which was to spend time with my sweetie! Have a blessed week! 🌞


  3. A beautiful post, Lisa. I love this way of eating and living, partly because it makes so much sense, but also because this is the way I approach food already! I don’t need to change. Lol. We are “of” this planet, not simply “on” it. We evolved together and nature’s bounty is perfectly suited to our biological needs. Thanks for sharing this.

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  4. Marvelous post! I like the part about breathing the air in different ecosystems. I know there is a big difference between breathing the air by the ocean or breathing the air in the mountains. Both can make you feel wonderful, but mountain air is different from the air by the sea. I love to walk barefoot in the grass. It is different from walking barefoot on the sand. Each experience brings a feeling of wholeness. It makes sense that the foods we eat greatly influence how we feel. My father always told me from the time I was a very little girl that, ‘you are what you eat.’ It is such sage advice. I often think of that before I eat something!!! When I make wise food choices, I feel better. Like walking in the grass barefoot, I feel better! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences, Linda! I am so happy you enjoyed the post. Indeed, we are what we eat, through and through! And walking on the Earth, a practice that most of us seldom think about, is healing in its own right. Have a great week, my friend! 🌞

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  5. An excellent post, as always, Lisa. It’s so interesting to contemplate how many things human beings over complicate. We do it all the time, and in this instance, a simple diet is so much more effective and healthy. You know the impact a plant based diet has had on my life. Profound. Have a great coming week! 😁

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  6. We humans are the being of habits and constantly strive for comfort in every possible situation as you said “We find it easier to pop a pill than to go for a swim or a long walk”.

    It’s so important for us as a part of the ecosystem to know the difference between right and wrong.

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  7. Some day, some day I’m sure I’ll have a breakthrough.. I will say now that I am retired I do eat healthier breakfasts and lunches as opposed to my 31 years of a brown sugar poptarts for the 35 mile drive to work and staring at the vending machines when meetings eviscerated lunch breaks. Must be all those miles in nature on the trails that compensated

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  8. This is great advice, Lisa. I eat pretty low on the food chain, and almost every doctor I’ve seen has commented on how healthy I am. I was very sickly as a child, and I learned how to take care of my immune system, which became taking care of everything else, as well. I love the concept of living close to the earth, but even better, in my experience, is living close to my Creator. I have experienced healing from Him – sometimes seemingly miraculous and instant, more often providential, as I just happen to be in the right place at the right time and learn something new about how to stay healthy and strong.


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