About Your Host

Hi, I’m Lisa. I divide my time between the East Coast and the Southwest of the U.S.  I’m a truth seeker, a tree hugger, and an animal lover. I revel in climbing, hiking, cycling, and practicing yoga. Most evenings, I can be found cooking vegan meals from scratch while listening to really good music.

I’ve done a good bit of traveling both here and abroad. Traveling was a rehabilitative, rejuvenating experience for me after escaping a life that had become unraveled in an area with too many people, too much traffic, and an overabundance of concrete.  I left behind all that was familiar to drive thousands of miles into the unknown, meet beautiful new people, and discover my primal connection with Mother Nature.

My formal education includes a Sc.D. in Holistic Ministries, a B.A. in Arts & Humanities, and a Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition. Most recently, I have become Certified as a Master Gardener.  I have a serious love of learning & I enjoy sharing information that inspires me to be the best possible version of myself, in hopes of inspiring others.

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