Winter Vaca and a Change of Schedule

I’m back!  My month-long break was superb.  I visited family on the East Coast, and vacationed with my life partner on the West Coast.  I had never before seen an ocean generate such huge waves or roar so loudly!  If you were unaware, a series of storms out of the Pacific pummeled California & points north for weeks.  Thankfully, our vaca weather was not all bad.  We soaked up lots of yummy sunshine.

We also immersed ourselves in plenty of culture and other delights in the San Diego area.  In Little Italy, after watching a few bocci matches, we sat outside at an Italian restaurant and had an incredible vegan meal.  In La Jolla, seals, sea lions, sea birds, squirrels and a solitary lobster on the sand were most entertaining.  We discovered a rooftop vegan cafe there, as well, with drool-worthy food.  In Ocean Beach, we found the world’s best espresso in a truck on a corner a couple blocks from the beach.  A sizable Saturday morning farmer’s market in downtown San Diego presented lots of new-to-us goodies, including delicious cherimoyas, accurately described by the seller as exotic pears with flavors of banana & pineapple.  We visited museums, walked on beaches, and ventured out onto a long pier where we watched surfers young & old riding the enormous waves.  Point Loma, at 300 feet in elevation, offered us panoramic views of the city and the bay, although we didn’t catch sight of any highly anticipated migrating whales.  Back at our Airbnb, we witnessed an incredible pink sunset that reflected in a pool of water deposited by high tides.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude for your reading, liking, commenting, following, and sharing my posts over the years.  You have taught me that being a good blogger comes with responsibilities requiring commitment.  I have enjoyed getting to know you through your comments and posts.  And although this paragraph sounds as though I’m ending my blogging career, I’m not.  I’m just changing things up.

I will continue posting, but only about once a month.  I want to spend more time in Nature than I spend writing about Nature this year.  And less time sitting.  It’s funny how, in the process of doing what we feel called to do, we sometimes lose sight of what’s most important.  Have you experienced that?

I wish you a 2023 filled with unexpected goodness.  I hope to maintain your special friendship, and I’ll look forward to your visit each month.

Blessings of Friendship,


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82 thoughts on “Winter Vaca and a Change of Schedule

      1. I have recently read that our heavy monsoon season last summer coupled with our heavy snowfall this winter has brought our area out of drought for the first time in years. Hopefully LA’s rains will continue & drought will soon be in the past! 🌞

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  1. Hello, Lisa. Your vacation looks like a slice of heaven. Thank you for sharing it. I’m glad to know that you aren’t going away since I am just getting to know you. I will look forward to your monthly post and hope that you will find time to follow me. Mostly I hope you find plenty of time in nature. That is the best place to be. Just be sure to keep sharing some of what you find. Blessings.

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  2. Oh, that is such a beautiful pink sunset! I wish you more of that as you experience the natural world in all of its splendor. I look forward to your monthly posts!!! A month goes by so fast! Savor the days, the hours, the moments. So much beauty, and sadly, people miss it altogether…rushing from one place to another, one year to another. The stars come out each night, and yet, how many people do you know that gaze at the stars? On these clear winter nights, they have been so lovely…little gems in the sky, burning so brightly.

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    1. Hello, fellow star gazer! If you’ve visited the Western US, you know that the skies show off a gazillion stars in many areas. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with northern AZ. I so appreciate your kind comment, Linda, and wish you a new year with many moments to continue savoring natural beauty! 🌞

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  3. Welcome back Lisa. It sounds as though you had a wonderful break, doing what you love the most. I wish you a beautiful, happy healthy and joy filled year ahead and I can fully understand your intention to blog less and enjoy life more. Being in nature is like coming home to ourself. Much love to you. ❤️🙏💫

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  4. Sounds just perfect and I’m happy it worked out so well for you. Taking breaks is so important as is getting out in nature, something I’ve neglected a bit myself, so I’ll take this post as encouragement to get going and get out!! We have a lot going on in our lives so I’ll be busy indoors a lot but that time outside is needed for balance. Enjoy your time and we’ll look forward to your monthly post. I’ve considered cutting down from posting every day but haven’t achieved it yet. 🙂 I may or may not. We’ll see.

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  5. Your vacation sounds divine. I’m sure it fed your heart and soul, which is, of course, what you do for us with your blog. It is good that you spend time outside enjoying the beauty that you share with us. As you feed yourself, you have more to feed others. I fully support you and look forward to your monthly message. Love always.

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  6. It is great to hear from you again and with some wonderful snippets from your holiday. Importantly, you highlight something that many of us bloggers suffer from: sitting for long periods and of course, you are right about actually being in nature! We look forward to your special posts. It may be cold and wet here in NI but reading your post brings warmth and sunshine into this day 🌞🌹🙋‍♂️

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  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip with time to revel in nature, quiet, food, and your partner. Kudos Lisa. I like the sound of your new blogging plan. I’ve been feeling a similar urge to cut back on blogging to increase my time in nature and in-person life.

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  8. Welcome back – I’ve spent some time in San Diego and had a great time there as well – no vegan meals though ha. Looking forward to a new year of reading your posts. I can completely understand the need to cut back, I was also taking on a lot of unneeded stress getting my quota in every month, but now I have new staff (Brad) to help cut the work down for me. Take care.

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  9. I know exactly what you mean! Grateful to share this orbit with you and happy to know you recognize and practice the kind of self-care I often find in your posts. Enjoy every moment. We’ll be here when you pop back in.

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  10. Thank you Lisa, loved all the details and photos of your trip. Happy to see you are back home. We live in such a wonderful and diverse country. Enjoy your time to yourself and with nature. We love you 😘.

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  11. Great to hear that you had a wonderful break! 🙌 Your trip to the West Coast sounds like a memorable adventure filled with fun and interesting experiences.

    Your new approach to blogging, focusing more on nature and less on sitting, is a great idea. Wishing you the best in 2023 and looking forward to your next post! ❤

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