Red Rocks on the Water

The lovely little desert town of Sedona, Arizona, has more than 400 miles of trails for hiking and biking, and is surrounded by 1.8 million acres of forest land, according to Not bad for a destination known for its spas and luxury resorts! The rich colors of Sedona’s earth and trees are a delight for the senses. And as much as I love the trails and forestland in the area, my favorite part of Sedona is where the red rocks meet the waters of Oak Creek.

My first experience of Oak Creek was many years ago with a fellow hosteler from Switzerland and a guide. We were thrilled with the areas the guide shared with us, which were not open to the general public. We visited a sacred hollowed-out rock high on a ledge surrounded by breathtaking views. We hiked for miles in areas where we saw nothing but awe-inspiring vistas of trees and shrubs dotting red and orange rock formations. Finally, we found ourselves at a creek with towering colored cliffs on one side and old growth trees on the other. I will never forget how peaceful it was. And gorgeous!

Slide Rock State Park, on Oak Creek just north of Sedona, is a popular destination in the warmer months. The park is on a 43-acre historic apple orchard, and its 80 feet of narrow waters are open for swimming, sliding, and wading. There are also a few short hiking trails for those who’d like the opportunity to warm up after spending time in the extremely cold water!

One of the most photographed images in the Southwest, according to The USDA Forest Service, is the reflection of Cathedral Rock in Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing, which can be seen inside Crescent Moon Recreation Area. This park offers a picnic area with views unlike any other. There are hiking trails, and fishing and swimming are allowed. We soaked up the beauty while strolling along the water’s edge and soaking our feet in the creek afterwards.

Many of the hiking trails in Sedona run alongside or on occasion cross Oak Creek, but there is one trail that zigzags it: West Fork. My favorite time to hike this trail is either spring or fall: during springtime, the area is strewn with flowers and blooming trees, and in autumn, leaves are at their most brilliant reds and golds. Crossing the creek can be tricky in places when recent rain and snowfall has been plentiful. Most crossings involve navigating rocks or a fallen tree.

Even if you choose not to hire a guide or pay to enter a park, there are other ways to enjoy Sedona’s Oak Creek. Check out a trail that takes you to the water, and pack some food in a backpack for a hike & picnic. Bring the little ones in their bathing suits with small water toys. Or simply find a place near the creek where you can hear the water rushing and take some time to meditate. However you choose to enjoy it, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Many folks visit Sedona for luxurious accommodations offered among the extraordinary beauty of the red rocks, but the area offers so much more. Whether you are looking to hike, wade, swim, fish, photograph, or simply soak up some natural beauty, Oak Creek takes the beauty of Sedona to the next level.

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96 thoughts on “Red Rocks on the Water

  1. Great photos, Lisa. I spent a couple of hours there a few moons back and never forgot it. We walked a red rock path and climbed higher. I saw the water. It feels like an earth energy center there.

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  2. I’ve visited Sedona a number of times but never had time to go hiking. It truly is a beautiful place and your photos do it justice and not just the parts most often shown on calendars or in shops. Now that we live here, I hope to spend more time in that area.


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  3. What a glorious combination of red, green and blue! Nature at her finest.

    Thank you for finding and sharing such a beautiful location! I have a sister near Phoenix – I feel a visit may be in my future …..


  4. Thank you for bringing back many, many great memories to me! Sedona has always been one of my very favorite places to visit! It’s beauty throughout the entire area is majestic!

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