Small Joys Tag Nomination

I am pleased to share with you that my friend Noorien Misbha has nominated me for the Small Joys Tag. It’s an honor to be recognized by this young, beautiful soul who displays wisdom beyond her years. If you’re not familiar with Noorien’s blog, Gowriteandexplore, please pay her a visit! She composes thought-provoking poetry and shares opinions, a little silliness, and other heartfelt musings. In addition to showcasing her talent on her blog, Noorien shares sweet comments on my posts. I truly appreciate you, Noorien!


Rules of this Tag 

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. List fifteen of your small joys.
  3. Nominate Five other Blogger Friends who bring you joy. (And notify them of the nomination.)
A friend made alongside a hiking trail in Wyoming

My Small Joys (in no particular order)

  • Sunshine on my face & fresh air in my lungs
  • Viewing animals in their natural habitat
  • Monsoon sunsets & star-filled night skies of the Southwestern US
Monsoon sunset in Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Wildflowers & blooming trees
  • Breathtaking landscapes & seascapes
  • Walking barefoot on a beach
  • Nature photography
  • Exploring (on foot, online & in books)
Aspens getting ready for fall, Inner Basin Trail, Northern Arizona
  • Writing & sharing my nature photos
  • Learning
  • Listening to music
  • Chatting with friends (including bloggers) & family
  • Getting things organized
  • The smell of roasting coffee beans
  • Preparing and eating fresh, delicious, nutritious vegan meals
Sedona, Arizona

My Nominees
Per the tag rules, I could choose only 5. If permitted, I would have chosen 100 fellow bloggers, because so many of you bring me joy! Please show some love to the following. They are most joyful!

Again, I am so appreciative of you, Noorien!

Blessings for Joy,


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