This is post #100 on Micro of the Macro.  On each Friday since the blog’s inception, other than a 10-day Travel Photo Challenge for which I posted daily, I have shared write-ups and photos on Nature, health, travel, and recipes.  On one hand, it doesn’t seem possible that many Fridays have passed, but on the other, I began the blog just prior to this country’s initial spread of covid-19, so it feels like ages.  

I want to express my gratitude to each of you for reading, liking, following, commenting, and sharing my links with others.  Your ongoing kindness, support, and encouragement of my writing and photos makes me feel like I have found my tribe.  I appreciate hearing your stories and ideas, and I’ve learned a lot from you.  I am thankful for the laughs you’ve given me, the instances you’ve touched my heart, and your ever-present warmth.  The time you share with me is an indication of your generosity, and I am most grateful.

If you’re curious as to how the blog has fared, I’m including a few stats.  My most-viewed post to date is For the Love of Mountains: A Photo Odyssey.  The write-up that has received the most likes is Scenes from a Hiking Trail.  And my most-liked photo of the Travel Photo Challenge is this foggy shot taken in Big Sur, California.

Since starting the blog in March of 2020, Micro of the Macro has had almost 11,000 visitors and more than 21,000 views from folks in 110 countries. Over 4500 comments have been posted – half of them mine, of course.  And at present, the blog is closing in on 1000 followers.

Looking back, I see that Health and Well-being has been my leading category. The theme of the blog, recognizing and appreciating our oneness with Nature, underlies that category’s posts.  We are at our best on every level when in conscious relationship with Nature: eating fresh, whole foods, spending time in a garden or in the wild, feeling gratitude for the natural beauty in which our lives are immersed, and working toward environmental sustainability.

Going forward, I hope to continue writing content that you will find useful (or entertaining!) I’m also looking forward to a bit more travel that will inspire new photos, which of course I’ll share.  I’ll be cutting back on screen time (and sitting – see this for more on that!) so comments won’t always be open on new posts.  (The idea of not responding to your kind comments and reciprocating on your blogs feels wrong; I couldn’t do that to you or to me!)  I do hope you’ll stick around!

You have my sincerest thanks for all the good you’ve brought to my blogging experience. It’s a privilege to be showered with your attention, appreciation, love, and support each week.  I am super grateful you are a part of my tribe.  And here’s to the next 100 posts!

Blessings of Gratitude,


The content of this article is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with a qualified health care professional before acting on any information presented herein. Any statements about the possible health benefits of any subject discussed have not been evaluated by medical professionals or the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.

99 thoughts on “**100**

  1. Hello Lisa! I want you to know what an inspiration you are to all of us. You have shared everything with us. I feel like I have known you for many years. I have learned a lot from you just reading your posts. Congratulations are in order because you deserve it. I am looking forward to reading more of your articles. God bless you and all of your travels. Stay safe. Have a wonderful new coming year.

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      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulSis 🙏 ; it’s a Pleasure 🙏 to Share 🎶 and Serve, Stay Strong 💪 💙 👍🏾 ❤ 😊 🙏 💪 and Serene, We ARE One who ARE Many rather than Many who ARE One


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  2. Congratulations, Lisa. I understand about the comments. I always try to comment on each blog post I read, which sometimes gets to be a chore, albeit one I do enjoy. I’ve thought about cutting back on posting every day but so far the only time I don’t post is when I’m on vacation. We’ll see. Anyway, it’s been a pleasure to find your blog and to meet you in person. Hopefully we’ll meet again soon but in the meantime, enjoy!

    P.S. Got more balsamic recently and then used the Black Friday coupon to order some other types. They have such good customer service. On the last order, one of the items was incorrect and when I called, it was not only taken care of immediately, but we had quite a nice chat about all sorts of things. 🙂

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    1. Hi, Janet! Agreed, the folks at Olive the Best could teach classes on customer service!
      I’ve enjoyed getting to know you a bit, too, and I’ll definitely plan a trip down your way over the next couple months. It means a lot to me that I see you here so often, leaving your kind comments! 🌞

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      1. I enjoy reading your thoughts and recommendations, Lisa, and look forward to when you come down and I can show you the Preserve and my favorite coffee shop. Or we can go to the Olive Mill and have our coffee among the olive trees. They also have food. 🙂

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  3. Hi Lisa, wonderful, just wonderful is how I think of your posts! Your photos and the content has always been positive and BRIGHT. In these uncertain and troubling times I turn to your posts for a new energy. Have a wonder filled weekend. 🌹🤗💖🙋‍♂️

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  4. it is a pleasure to have connected with you Lisa and your enriching posts that are so noteworthy and heartfelt my friend. Congrats on your wonderful stats that are a reflection of your heart. Kudos to you my friend! Here’s to more posts and travel.. sounds like you’re heading on vacation and taking a break! 💖💖

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    1. Hi, sweet Cindy, I am so appreciative of the love & light you share with me each week, and thank you for this beautiful comment. I’m taking a break of sorts soon. I’ll post, but won’t be online much, so comments won’t be open. Maybe we can plan for a meet-up in the Spring?! I want to meet the legendary Cindy Georgakas face-to-face! 🌞

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      1. Oh it’s a pleasure my friend. Good idea.. I will too soon!!! That’s a good idea and now i have to learn to do that.. hahaha. I would LOVE it … smiling ear to ear! YES…!!! hahaahahah and I hope I don’t disappoint!! 💖💖💖🙏

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  5. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 YOU!!! Go GirlFriend; don’t let AnyOne Get in YOUR!!! Way as Long as it is YOUR!!! Way

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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  6. Lisa, keep blogging about natural health and wellness topics. People need to know how important taking charge of their own health status is and they can do that by using natural health practices and remedies.

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