Travel Challenge – Day 3

A big thank you to my friend Jyothi at Travel Explore Enjoy for nominating me for the 10 Day Travel Challenge!

The rules of the challenge are very simple. Post a favorite photo from your travels without explanation for each of 10 days, and nominate & notify 10 other bloggers to participate.  Be sure to link back to the person who nominated you!

Today, I nominate Pam at I Choose This.

19 thoughts on “Travel Challenge – Day 3

      1. Wow! Did you ever go to first Sunday Jazz Brunch? I have fond memories of meeting a group of friends along the Riverwalk, with chairs, mimosas, and snacks in tow, and listening to live jazz for hours. 🌞


      2. The jazz concerts sound wonderful! We used to go to a jazz series at the Smithsonian when we lived in DC. I retired to the west coast of FL in 2011, so I am out of touch with the East coast now. Hope you go to Riverwalk often and enjoy it, Lisa! ❀

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